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Here you'll find some of Cliff's more recent interviews and other media interactions, webinars, and conference presentations, beginning with the videos linked here below. More coming soon.

Spring, 2023:  Article by Cliff Frank, MHSA, and George Mayzell, MD:  "Six Actions for Physician Practices on Signing Risk-Based Contracts" as seen in hfm Magazine (summer, 2023):

Check out the latest Value-Based Care Insights podcast to hear Cliff Frank discussing"Navigating Value-Based Contracting Products" with podcast host Dan Marino.

Cliff's most recent interview:  Post COVID-19, Reopening the Health System

Cliff and Sanjay Seth, MD (Chief Informatics Officer, HealthEC):



On June 11, 2019, Cliff was one of two principal presenters on a webinar sponsored by HealthEC: "How to Determine Your ACO's Readiness to Move Toward Risk".  Here's that webinar:

Clips from Cliff's recent presentation at Cliff's Confab: Provider Risk Immersion Day (Tampa, March 2019):

Here are just a few clips taken from Cliff's "Risk Deals are...Risky" presentation of March 29th, given during the "Cliff's Confab: Provider Risk Immersion Day conference.  Full video of Cliff's presentation may be made available upon request.

Confusion can reign at the front desk without adequate system support - and an unhappy front desk= unhappy patients.

Fear of loss has more impact than attraction of upside. In case things go bad, reserves, withholds, carry-overs, and other mechanisms are important to maintaining smooth outcomes.

What is a DOFR?  What's in it?  Make sure you know who has what responsibility

inside these deals.

Troublesome amendments

(or....."A deal is a deal until an amendment changes the deal")

Cliff's Interview on ACO success:

In November 2018, Fred Goldstein (President and Founder, Accountable Health) interviewed Cliff Frank on what it takes to make an ACO successful.  Here's that interview:

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