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Here you'll find some of Cliff's more recent interviews and other media interactions, webinars, and conference presentations, beginning with the videos linked here below. More coming soon.

Cliff's most recent interview:  Post COVID-19, Reopening the Health System

Cliff and Sanjay Seth, MD (Chief Informatics Officer, HealthEC):



On June 11, 2019, Cliff was one of two principal presenters on a webinar sponsored by HealthEC: "How to Determine Your ACO's Readiness to Move Toward Risk".  Here's that webinar:

Clips from Cliff's recent presentation at Cliff's Confab: Provider Risk Immersion Day (Tampa, March 2019):

Here are just a few clips taken from Cliff's "Risk Deals are...Risky" presentation of March 29th, given during the "Cliff's Confab: Provider Risk Immersion Day conference.  Full video of Cliff's presentation may be made available upon request.

Confusion can reign at the front desk without adequate system support - and an unhappy front desk= unhappy patients.

Fear of loss has more impact than attraction of upside. In case things go bad, reserves, withholds, carry-overs, and other mechanisms are important to maintaining smooth outcomes.

What is a DOFR?  What's in it?  Make sure you know who has what responsibility

inside these deals.

Troublesome amendments

(or....."A deal is a deal until an amendment changes the deal")

Cliff's Interview on ACO success:

In November 2018, Fred Goldstein (President and Founder, Accountable Health) interviewed Cliff Frank on what it takes to make an ACO successful.  Here's that interview: