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Cliff regularly brings together the best minds in the business for a one day summit where they tackle the most pressing healthcare issues of the day.  In this section, you'll find our announcement of Cliff's latest upcoming Confab, as well as summaries of some of the more recent Confab summits.  Contact Cliff to have him assemble one of his special expert-level summit teams to work on issues that concern you and your company.

Confab Debates

In the covid-19 era, and like everything else, Cliff's Confab is going virtual.  A new concept for the Confabs has been born as well - healthcare topics covered debate-style between industry experts. The first three sessions covered six debate topics, two each session, over the 3 day period of Dec. 9-11, 2020.  While these are private, invitation-only events, we're excited to share videos of these debates with you here.


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Debate event 1 - Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020:


Confab 1, Debate 1:


Resolved -  That employers will demand a "best of breed" network configuration from BUCAs or they will find a payer that puts together such a network.

Debaters - Michael Brouthers, Founder/Principal, Ikigai Growth Partners; Fred Goldstein, President and Founder, Accountable Health, LLC

Confab 1, Debate 2:


Resolved - That entrenched forces (PBM's, hospitals, insurers, regulators) will squash any significant innovation that threatens any class of these entities.


Debaters - Tom Nasby, Senior Director Network Management, Aetna; Chuck Reiter, III, Esq., Partner, Reiter Burns, LLP  

Debate event 2 - Thursday, Dec 10, 2020:


Confab 2, Debate 1:


Resolved -  That healthcare is NOT a normal economic good, and programs/policies that encourage healthcare's treatment as such are misguided and should cease.

Debaters - John Harris, Director, Veralon; David Kibbe, Senior Vice President, Network Development and Contracting, Cone Health


Confab 2, Debate 2:


Resolved - That provider burnout is getting worse, and physicians will become key recruits to new technical and product development jobs, thereby exacerbating the PCP shortage.


Debaters - Sanjay Seth, MD, Executive Vice President, HealthEC; Wayne Jenkins, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Centivo

Debate event 3 - Friday, Dec 11, 2020:

Confab 3, Debate 1:


Resolved - That increased payer hassles of providers will lay the groundwork for Provider risk-transfer arrangements to avoid denials, appeals, and legal friction costs for providers.

Debaters - Mike Guarino, President, Practice Management of America; Brent Estes, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Advocate Aurora Health

Confab 3, Debate 2:

Resolved - That primary care supremacy in managed care is unwarranted, unsuccessful and unnecessary to manage cost/quality/outcomes.

Debaters - Mike Shumer, Chief Executive Officer, Medical Life Holdings;  Shawn Bassett, Executive Director, Collaborative Health Systems

 Provider Risk Immersion Day

March 29, 2019 - Tampa, FL

Those who joined us recently in Tampa, FL for Cliff's Confab:  Provider Risk Immersion Day agree that it was an informative, interesting, interactive, and intellectually stimulating experience.  We'll be adding some highlights from the

day, including comments from some of our attendees, so watch this space. 


In the meantime, be sure to check out our Media page, where you'll find a few video clips from Cliff's presentation:  "Risk Deals are...Risky!"

Cliff's Confab:

Provider Risk Immersion Day


March 29, 2019 - Tampa, FL


Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Airport Westshore

5312 Avion Park Drive - Tampa, FL 33607

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