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Physician Empowerment through Capitation

PART I: Frontline Stories of the

Pain and Gain of Capitation


Ch.1--Market Opportunities Still Abound for Capitation

Ch.2--Physicians Step Up to the Capitation Challenge

Ch.3--Power to the Specialists through Contract Capitation

Ch.4--Keeping Close to Your Patients through Capitated Medicare

Ch.5--Medicaid Capitation:  Tag, You're It!

Ch.6--Avoiding "Surprises" in Specialty Capitation

Ch.7--Managing Pharmaceutical Risk

Ch.8--Answers to Practical Legal Questions

Ch.9--How Deep is Your Risk Pool?

Ch.10--Incurred Claim Reserves and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Ch.11--Conclusion:  Physician Leadership Can Turn Pain into Gain

PART II: Capitation Bootcamp

Day 1:  Kinds of Capitation

Day 2:  How the Numbers Work--Capitation Calculations

Day 3:  Bonus Structures under Capitation Contracts

Day 4:  Physician Compensation Models under Capitation

Day 5:  New Options for Aligned Payment Incentives

Day 6:  What it Takes to Make It under Capitation

Day 7:  Is Your PHO, IPA, MSO Underpowered?

Day 8:  Is Your Practice Management System Ready for Capitation?

Day 9:  Capitation Pitfalls to Avoid

Day 10:  Minimizing Risk When you Capitate

Day 11:  Coverage Definitions Affect Capitation

Day 12:  Contract Provisions to Avoid

Day 13:  Key Assumptions about Your Managed Care Reality

Day 14:  How Hospital Managed Care Strategies Affect Physicians

Day 15:  How Physician Managed Care Strategies Affect Hospitals

Day 16:  Using Rate Filings to Your Advantage

Day 17:  TennCare Managed Medicaid

Day 18:  Managed Care Resource Guide

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